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Please Note: We do not recommend commencing rectification works without the authority of your Insurer, unless the property is unsafe or at risk of there being further damage incurred. Your Owners Corporation Manager will have building companies they can refer you to who are experienced at this type of work.

By proceeding with works that go beyond the make safe definition, you will make it more difficult for your insurer to assess the damage and to understand the cause-and-effect nature of the incident. This will, at best, slow the progress of the claim and, worst case, may cause them to elect not to pay the claim at all, which could mean you or your Owners Corporation may be responsible for the associated call out fees and repair costs.

Please speak to your Owners Corporation Manager before proceeding in this regard. If you do not have an Owners Corporation Manager then by all means please contact us for assistance and advice in this regard.

Please also attach any other repairs quotes, invoices, reports obtained related to your claim at the bottom of this form.

If Yes, please provide proof by attaching photos, builder’s reports, etc. at the bottom of this form.

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