Like you, we are frustrated when we see Owners Corporations and Body Corporates having Insurance issues and we do this job because we want to help people with that.  Things like late renewals, limited Insurer interest in providing cover, claims being messed about and not paid, and general lack of responsiveness hurt your clients, hurt you and they hurt us too.  

Like you, we are also often not in control of the experiences that are being thrust on our clients by insurers.  But there are things we can do to help you shield your clients from this.  Because we are industry specialists we know the market, its participants, its products and its processes.  We can set reasonable expectations for your clients.  We can keep them proactively updated through the processes.  We know the people to escalate issues to, and we have the relationships to ensure they listen and work with us to react.

Our business, Strata Solutions International Pty Ltd (ABN 58 080 071 307, Australian Financial Services License No 234722) trading Strata Insurance, is a specialist in insurance and risk management for owners corporations.

We currently source insurance for over 40,000 lot owners and their tenants.  We have 60+ years of broking experience in our team.  We don't do any other type of insurance, just Strata Insurance, hence our name.

We work closely with you or your owners corporations to create solutions that enhance your OC's community living and protect their number one asset.

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