Strata Solutions International Pty Ltd, trading as Strata Insurance, is a boutique insurance broking firm specializing in the Strata sector. We were established in 2015 by two broker partners with extensive experience in unique products and risk management, along with an owner of a Strata Management firm who sought greater diversity and flexibility in the Strata broker sector.

Since inception, Strata Insurance has experienced substantial growth and evolution from its initial roots. While the original owners are no longer involved in the business, we retain their founding philosophies of dedication solely to the Strata sector for the benefit of strata managers at heart.

Today, we remain an independent insurance broker with a sole focus on strata insurance. In fact, we are one of a few brokers wholly dedicated to providing specialized strata insurance services.

Our main objective is to understand the nuances of each property's risk and ensure that the owners corporation insurance covers are best constructed to suit individual circumstances. We strive to provide worry-free strata living to our clients and their customers.

Our commitment to community extends beyond the owners corporations we serve to encompass the wider strata sector. We recognize that the success of strata management businesses is contingent on the strength of the community that surrounds them. To this end, we endeavour to build and foster connections between ourselves, our clients, and our mutual suppliers.

We empower our customers to make informed decisions regarding their insurance selection process and actively engage with our strata management partners through ongoing education and personal interaction. By doing so, we aim to ensure that our customers receive the best possible service and support from our team.

We foster a vibrant community of customers and suppliers from across the sector, providing you with an opportunity to connect with businesses that can offer support, and to engage with peers to compare and discuss experiences. 

Additionally, we are is committed to promoting ongoing learning and education, which includes hosting regular formal and informal education sessions and producing relevant materials on a range of topics related to insurance, strata management, and general business concerns.

If you would like to find find our more please feel free to contact: Scott Allen, General Manager (Business Development) on:  0403 791 371

We look forward to welcoming you into the Strata Insurance community and empowering you to get more out of your insurance partnership.