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Badly managed Insurance processes cause anxiety and stress for you, your Owners Corporation Management colleagues and the Owners Corporations (OCs) that you manage. They give rise to late and inadequate quote options, unreasonably priced premiums and traumatic, slow claims outcomes.

You need your OCs to be insured on time, with reasonable excesses, and you need a claims attended to diligently.  You need a professional advocate on your team who will guide your clients through the labyrinth that is Strata Insurance.

Are you frustrated and embarrassed by the insurance experience your clients are receiving?  Do you ever lose clients, or fear losing them, because the insurance service was so bad?

Insurance is supposed to be a system where the many share the costs to provide protection for the few.  Its the ultimate community collaboration. But in reality it can be expensive, hard work, sucks time and energy and can threaten OC relationships.  Working with you, we will change this.


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